4 Great Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen!

While you have been spending time in your kitchen, you might realize that your kitchen could use a bit a sprucing up. It might be something as simple as switching around cabinets, or you might be thinking about retiling your backsplash. Whatever it might be, you might be overwhelmed at the prospect of even starting such a project.

I collaborated with Stuck In A Shoebox, to find out the best ways to get started on your kitchen-redesign-project with ease. Lauren, at Stuck In A Shoebox, is a wonderful source for what you can do during this quarantine, check her out! She gave me 4 great ways that you can organize your kitchen.

1) Organize Your Mugs

If you’re like me, you’ve accumulated a billion mugs over the years. I know, I know, they have sentimental value. But there is no time like the present to access what your mug needs really are. For example, I have half a dozen “fun” mugs in my cabinet, plus a set of “real, adult” mugs. Who needs that many mugs?! I went through and cleared out my fun mugs to two that I really like, and I put the rest in a shoebox under my bed, to be donated when Goodwill opens again.

2) Sharpen your Knives

The safest knife is a sharp knife. It’s important to take care of the tools that take care of you, and knives are no different. It’s actually safer to have a sharp knife, because you’re less likely to chip or hit a snag and pull too hard. You can buy simple and cheap “auto-sharpeners” on Amazon, that are simple to use. However, I suggest you learn how to properly use a whet stone. Used right, you can get a wicked edge on all your knives. Pick one up, find a video tutorial, and practice on cheap knives first.

3) Clean out your fridge

One thing that Lauren mentioned was how often she’s cleaned out her fridge. Use this time to do a nice, deep clean of your fridge and freezer. You’ll be surprised at what can accumulate over the months. She also suggested placing a box of baking soda in the fridge to help fight smells.

4) Check for doubles

This is something that’s easy to do as you’re pulling out all the items from your fridge. Go through and make sure you have no doubles of any particular item, in your pantry, fridge, and even in you drawers and cabinets. I had three sets of measuring cups in my drawer. Who needs three sets of measuring cups…?

It can seem a little daunting, but this list that Lauren made is a great start to sprucing up your kitchen. Once you’ve done each of these tasks, you’ll feel lighter and like you can move around your kitchen with ease. And, if you do decide the retile your backsplash, you’re kitchen will be a lot cleaner when you’re done!

(P.S! Make sure to check out Lauren’s blog, where I gave tips on how to spruce up your pasta dishes!)

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