Great Recipes From Around The Internet

Cooking the same thing every night can get boring fast. Trust me, I know. When I need a little cooking inspiration, I turn to a number of online resources to spice up my kitchen game.

A number of years ago I found a Youtube video of a guy recreating food from TV shows. Andrew Rea is a self-taught cook who makes engaging and informative YouTube videos under the channel name Binging With Babish. On his website he posts many of his recipes, including one for an amazing Rom-don from award-winner Parasite.

Another great resource is Bon Appetite. They post many recipes, and all of them are great. Very well written, easy to follow, and they always include tricks I never would have thought of. Check out their mushroom soup for at-home comfort! They run a test kitchen that is constantly producing new recipes, so be sure to check up often for new flavors and dishes.

My very favorite chef is Alton Brown. I grew up watching Good Eats on the Food Network, and it’s part of the reason I love cooking (the other part is Pixar’s Ratatouille). He is great at explaining not only the recipe, but the reason behind the recipe. He doesn’t just tell you what ingredients to add to your soup, he tells you why you are adding them, from a food-science perspective. He also gives historical explanations behind the origin of dishes. And to top it all off, he does it all with crazy high production value, with amazing props and set design. Certainly not your grandmother’s cooking show. I suggest you hunt down the old episode, and watch the new ones that he’s producing. While you’re doing that, check out his onion dip recipe! You’ll see what I mean, even though the video is quick, he moves through a lot in that time.

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